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Skincare Essential: Sonicsmooth by Michael Todd Beauty

Upgrade your skincare routine to achieve glowy even skin with Michael Todd Beauty’s Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System. Dermaplaning is a exfoliation method that removes unwanted facial hair, and dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

This weekly at home treatment includes the Sonicsmooth device, pre-treatment cleanser, post treatment gel, 8-week supply of safety edges, devic stand and charger. Spend less at the spa or booking appointments with an esthetician; and get spa quality dermaplaning at home. Now, my skin is more even and smooth. Whether you’re a beauty expert or beginner the Sonicsmooth is easy to use and works for all skin types. There are just some skincare basics that need to be added to the self-care Sunday regimen. Below check out how I’ve included the Sonicsmooth into my skincare essentials.

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