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In the Kitchen: PeachDish Meal Kit

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

As much as I enjoy cooking through my favorite cook books, and finding recipes online sometimes the process of it all can be a bit much for someone who is always on the go. I decided to try an alternative option that’s hassle free and more convenient. With subscription meal kits like PeachDish, you no longer need a shopping list, grocery run, or online searches for recipes. PeachDish offers delicious meals delivered straight to your door. Sign-up is simple and quick. Visit their website and browse this week’s menu.

I am so excited that I gave it a try! Each meal was soooo delicious and came with easy to follow recipe cards and fresh food from local farmers and suppliers. Watch me cook through PeachDish meal kit in the first episode of In the Kitchen with Leah Nicole. Be sure to like comment, and share!


Leah Nicole  

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